Southern Periphery Road - Public Consultation 12-14th November

Southern Periphery Road - Public Consultation

Oxfordshire County Council will be asking for views from the public on two route options for a South East Perimeter Road in Bicester.  The consultation will take place between 12 and 14th November 2015.

Options for the proposed Southerly Perimeter Road, Bicester
You are asked to consult on 3 options for the road (not whether you want one). Click for access to OCC website.


  • Thursday 12th:  2.30pm and 8pm. The Lion, Wendlebury Rd, Wendlebury, OX25 2PW
  • Friday 13th:  12 noon and 7pm. Littlebury Hotel, Kings End, Bicester, OX26 6DR
  • Saturday 14th: 10am – 4pm.  John Paul II Centre, Webb Court, Causeway, Bicester OX26 6AW

why are your views important?

The people of Bicester and the surrounding villages have not been asked for their consent for their town to grow by over 13,000 new homes for what are largely political reasons (David Cameron's own patch etc.) and not for the benefit of the existing townspeople.  In contrast over the border our neighbours in Buckingham held a public referendum regarding development proposals. 

So there are two key reasons why you do need to give your view on this matter;

  • Firstly this development is less about alleviating Bicester's worsening traffic situation with air pollution problems that even Cherwell District Council are monitoring and more about opening up green space for developers.   Oxfordshire County Council's own website even says this: "The Perimeter Road will support employment and housing growth in the town.".

  • Secondly, neither Oxfordshire County Council nor Cherwell District Council can be trusted to successfully manage infrastructure projects.  Look at the London Road debacle, Oxfordshire County Council have been part of the project since 1995 and still have no solution for it.  Cherwell District Council designated Bicester an 'eco-town' but still can't build a single cycle path and now propose to make Howes Lane a 30mph, six set of traffic lights 'urban boulevard' because that's the way the developers want it. 

So you must speak up.  Make your voice and your opinions heard.


Find out more about the plans and options on Oxfordshire County Council's public consultations website:

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  • #1

    Mike Linzey (Thursday, 12 November 2015 15:23)

    I found the plans on this page:

  • #2

    BicesterTAG (Friday, 13 November 2015 09:29)

    Thanks Mike. The story is updated. Thanks for your research.

  • #3

    D Bailey (Tuesday, 17 November 2015 17:19)

    It's totally obvious - Option 2 is the only one that will take traffic away from the Bicester bottleneck! Option 1 just takes the traffic (North and Southbound) to the Bicester Village Park and Ride and will create even more of a bottle-neck there than the P&R no doubt will.
    We actually need to be able to travel from one side of Bicester without it taking 30 minutes to get to the other side! I still remember the days (before the dual carriageway!) when one drove from North Bicester to Oxford in 12 minutes!

  • #4

    Robert Cornford (Thursday, 26 November 2015 07:01)

    Can not believe that what is promoted as a major periphery road carrying a lot of through traffic ends up running right through a new housing development at Wretchwick Green. Apart form the traffic noise and disruption, the pollution will carry over into the housing, and into the surface water drainage. I get the impression that Bicester Town, Cherwell District and Oxfordshire County Councils between them don't have the expertise and experience to manage what are REALLY BIG infrastructure developments, at a strategic level. So, as a result, the developers manage to run rings round them, picking them off one at a time by piecemeal proposals.

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