southern ring road - 2025+

Everything on this page is speculative because Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council are at the very early stages of devising a new road that they hope will eventually become the southern ring road (although they have no plans for a northern ring road).

The route is currently no more than an idea.  A pencil line across someone's map.  It is not even mentioned in the current Local Transport Plan.  No budget has been allocated and there are still many uncertainties.  Consequently, this road is unlikely to be built before 2025, ten years or more away. 

However many of the housing and business developments it is aimed to support WILL be delivered before that.  Disjointed thinking?  Again?  We think so.

the route

The diagram below was taken from page 21 (Appendix 3) of Cherwell District Council's 'Response to LTP4' (click to download the full document).

We have added the red line to clarify the position of the new route.

The red line shows the approximate route of the 'southern peripheral route' in Bicester Oxfordshire
The red line shows the approximate route of the 'southern peripheral route'.

The route will commence on the A41, close to Wendlebury via a roundabout.  It will then run towards the Graven Hill site crossing the by then fully operational East West Rail line.  It will then run across land adjacent to Langford Village joining the A4421 approximately where the current roundabout links with Gavray Drive. 

Cherwell District Council already own the Graven Hill site having purchased it from the Ministry of Defence.  The site includes a perimeter road, the foundations of which would be subsumed into this new road.  From our discussions, we understand that it is Cherwell's intention to purchase the intervening tracts of land required by compulsory purchase.

The road is likely to be of a similar design to Vendee Drive, e.g. not dual carriageway.


  • None of this road is costed
  • None of these proposals actually yet exist within the current Local Transport Plan (LTP)
  • The road will not be built before 2025 at the earliest
  • The developments it will serve, will be built before 2025