Welcome to the Bicester Traffic Action Group, or BicesterTAG.  We are a 100% voluntary community group to represent the people of Bicester, Oxfordshire and the surrounding villages.  Our objectives are to ensure that our home remains a pleasant and peaceful environment to live and work in.  We campaign to ensure that all levels of government work hard to ensure that the decisions they make are beneficial to the residents of this area and if they don't, we embarrass them.  For more information about BicesterTAG's cause, click here.



Bicester's London Road Level Crossing is likely to be closed.  And there are currently no ideas to replace it.

Bicester cut in two?

Did you know that from 2023 Bicester Town railway station will have at least 8 trains per hour passing it?  At peak periods, Oxfordshire County Council expect London Road level crossing to close for 45 minutes every hour.  Langford Village will be cut off.  Read more about how our Council seem to have missed this 'minor' detail.  Read about it here.

13,000 new houses?  Where's our infrastructure Cherwell District Council?

ZERO infrastructure

Did you hear the joke about the council who approved 13,000 new homes and no new roads?  Unfortunately it is not a joke, it is Cherwell District Council.  Well there is one small new road but not before 2020.  Oh there is also a really big nice new road too but they have not even done detailed planning for that one and there is no money for it.  Read more here.

Who are BicesterVision?  Why are you paying for them?  Are they too close to our councillors?

Bicester 'VISION'?

Remember Robin Hood?  Take from rich, give to poor?  Well BicesterVision are the opposite way round.  They charge our councils and public bodies (including Cooper School) money to listen to the property developers who are attempting build 13,000 in Bicester (for profit).  Read more about the short sightedness of BicesterVision here.

Chiltern's Evergreen3 and East West Rail are coming to Bicester

New railway

Coming to Bicester from 2015 is a new 2 trains/hour Oxford-Marylebone link with a new station at Bicester Town.  However from 2019 the new East West Rail link will also open.  Did you know that London Road level crossing may be closed for up to 45 minutes per hour? 


Bicester Village: last years fashions, this years prices

Bicester Village

Our old friend Bicester Village are becoming a regular bad neighbour.  The traffic jams their customers cause have huge impacts on the town in terms of congestion, delays and air pollution.  Now they're going to expand by 23%.  Where's that Park & Ride they promised to build?  More...

EcoBicester, NWBicester and Graven Hill: 13,000 new homes for Bicester

new developments

Someone seems to have decided that Bicester is ready for 13,000 new homes.  How well planned are some of these developments?  How are those people going to drive to/from their new houses?  Are there going to be sufficient schools or amenities?  What about all these open green spaces and cyclepaths?  More...

BicesterTAG: Power to the People (of Bicester)! :)

YOUr voice is heard

You voice can be heard, your opinion is important, your protest will be listened to.  There are enough of us, but only if we act as one and show our councils and councillors how we feel.  Please give five minutes of your time.  Learn how to get involved here.

Follow BicesterTAG on social media

Social media

Keep up to date with our news in real time via social media.  Our main channel is via Twitter: @BicesterTAG but you will also find our news in the Facebook group that started it all.  More details here.


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