1. Name

The name of the Action Group shall be known as “Bicester Traffic Action Group” or "BicesterTAG" for abbreviated purposes.


2. Objectives

(a)  To raise awareness of the potential traffic and congestion points as Bicester grows in to a Garden Town.
(b)  To object to further growth of Bicester Village until the lack of parking for their customers is rectified
to speed up the development of the Park and Ride.
(c)  To lobby our councils to seek a viable and robust solution to the potential closure of the London Road Level Crossing which takes into account 
all possible health and safety issues.

(d)  To lobby the council to ensure that all future developments make substantial contributions to delivering infrastructure such as cycle paths not only for their developments but the wider area.


3.  Aims

(a)  Ensure the free flow of traffic through and around Bicester to enable the community of Bicester and the surrounding villages, access to their work place, local shops and schools. To ensure local business are able to have their goods delivered, customers access to their businesses.

(b)  To work with local Residents Associations, Parish Councils, clubs and organisations to share relevant information.

(c)  The Action Group shall remain independent.  It not be a member of or affiliated to any political party.  The Action Group shall not allow its name to be used in support of any political party.

4.  Membership

(a)  Membership of BicesterTAG shall be open to all residents of Bicester and surrounding villages who have reached voting age.
(b) The Action Group will keep an updated record of membership of the Committee.
(c)  Membership ceases when a Member moves out from the Action Group's defined area.
(d)  All members shall have an equal vote.

(e)  The Committee reserves the right to offer membership to any individuals it deems to have expert/specialist knowledge who can contribute to the Action Group's aims.


5.  Committee

(a)  The Committee shall elect from its members a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary and any other Officers it deems necessary.  No one person shall hold more than one office at any one time.
(b)  The Committee shall have the power to co-opt more persons to the Committee should it be deemed necessary until the next Annual General Meeting provided that the total does not exceed 25.
(c)  Any member of the Committee shall be able to assign proxy voting rights to another Committee member for a specific meeting in writing.
(d)  No member may hold more than one proxy assignation for any one meeting.
(e)  The Committee may, at its discretion, appoint “ex-officio” members who regularly attend committee meetings and have regular involvement with the Action Group.  Such “ex-officio” members shall be deemed, for the purpose of any article of this Constitution, to be full members of the Committee.
(f)  In order for a Committee meeting to take place a quorum, being the majority (half of the full Committee plus one), must be present.
(g)  Committee members shall represent the Action Group either by delegation, or in entirety, in dealings with other associations, local and/or national government officials, corporate bodies and/or individuals.
(h)  Any amendment to the Constitution shall be agreed by vote of no less than two thirds of the members voting at the Annual General Meeting or an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. Such proposed amendments shall be publicly available at least 14 days before the meeting.
(i)  Membership of the Committee ceases when a Member moves out from the Action Group ’s defined area, resigns or is expelled by the Association.

(j)   Committee members will be appointed at an Annual General Meeting. 

(k)  No Committee member will hold membership of any political party.


6. Annual General Meeting

(a)  The Annual General Meeting will be held annually during the period January/February.
(b)  Notice and Agenda of such a meeting shall be notified to all members at least 30 days before the fixed date.  All members shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting.
(c)  All residents will be notified of the Annual General Meeting in order they are able to attend.
(d)  The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting will be presented for approval.
(e)  The existing Committee will present a report of the Action Group’s activities.
(f)  Present a Treasurer’s Report.
(g)  The existing Committee will then stand down.
(h)  The Committee for the next year will be elected. Nominations should be proposed by one member and seconded by another member. Nominations to be received by the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
(i)  Elect annually an Honorary Auditor.
(j)  Vote on any amendments to the Constitution which shall be agreed by a vote of no less than two thirds of members voting at the Annual General Meeting.


7. Finance

(a)  All money in the name of BicesterTAG shall be deposited in an account in the name of Bicester Traffic Action Group in a bank approved by the Committee, except for petty cash totalling a maximum £100.
(b)  The Committee will authorise four committee members as signatories for banking purposes. They shall be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  Any two of the four signatories would need to sign cheques or give instructions to the bank.
(c)  The Treasurer shall keep a record of all monies received and expended during the year and will submit audited accounts to the Annual General Meeting.

(d)  The Treasurer will report the current situation to the Committee at each meeting.

8. Dissolution

A voluntary dissolution of the BicesterTAG requires a resolution to be passed at a General Meeting.  In the event of a voluntary dissolution of the Association any remaining assets held for the Association, less any outstanding liabilities incurred on its behalf, shall be paid over or transferred to any charity by a majority vote of members attending a meeting to discuss such action, but any monies received via funding bodies should be returned to the funder where possible.