BicesterTAG's aims and objectives are quite simple.  Once you have read the problems that we foresee facing Bicester based on the plans our councils and Government have for Bicester you will understand why they can be expressed in a single vision:

On a Saturday afternoon in December 2020, it is possible to drive, cycle or walk from north to south without extensive detour, delay or congestion

So to put into detail exactly we mean, here are our aims and objectives broken down:


(a)  Ensure the free flow of traffic through and around Bicester to enable the community of Bicester and the surrounding villages, access to their work place, local shops and schools. To ensure local business are able to have their goods delivered, customers access to their businesses.

(b)  To work with local Residents Associations, Parish Councils, clubs and organisations to share relevant information.

(c)  The Action Group shall remain independent.  It not be a member of or affiliated to any political party.  The Action Group shall not allow its name to be used in support of any political party.


(a)  To raise awareness of the potential traffic and congestion points as Bicester grows in to a Garden Town.
(b)  To object to further growth of Bicester Village until the lack of parking for their customers is rectified
to speed up the development of the Park and Ride.
(c)  To lobby our councils to seek a viable and robust solution to the potential closure of the London Road Level Crossing which takes into account 
all possible health and safety issues.

(d)  To lobby the council to ensure that all future developments make substantial contributions to delivering infrastructure such as cycle paths not only for their developments but the wider area.

There is a very widely held belief in Bicester and the surrounding area that those in power, our elected politicians are out of touch with the feelings of the people.  Many residents feel that key strategic decisions about the town and area are being made not by those who live here but by Central Government, our councils and speculative property developers.  Many people feel that as residents, we are simply passengers on a train.


BicesterTAG's aim is to hold those in power to account and ensure that as Bicester grows it is truely sustainable with correct levels of infrastructure for the current residents, preserving the attractive nature of our town and area.


Not yet, there is still hope.  We received this poem recently from a resident of Bicester, Adrienne Lee.  It beautifully encapsulates how many residents feel and expresses to those who allege to represent us exactly how the vast majority of residents feel.  As individuals, we cannot be heard.  As a group, we must be listened to.  Please join our mailing list here for details of our campaigns.

'The Biggering of Bicester' - a wonderful poem sent to us by resident, Adrienne Lee
'The Biggering of Bicester' - a beautiful poem sent to BicesterTAG by resident Adrienne Lee. Copyright Adrienne Lee.