Our purpose

Bicester is going to experience a lot of growth over the next 10 years.  13,000 new homes are currently being planned.  The existing Kingsmere development will be joined by 'EcoBicester', 'NW Bicester' and eventually the redevelopment of the MoD Graven Hill site.


Whilst central and local Government are happy to green light these developments they are not happy to finance the necessary and very necessary infrastructure improvements on a timely basis.  As a result the traffic chaos that regularly occurs around Bicester Village and the A41 is likely to not only increase but grow exponentially as weekend shoppers are joined by up to 26,000 additional cars for new residents.


As residents, we do not feel that our councils and more particularly our elected representatives are;

  1. Sufficiently aware of the impact of what they are approving;
  2. Too swayed by the influence of organisations representing those who stand to gain financially;
  3. Properly motivated to address these concerns; or
  4. Strong enough to insist on parallel development of the infrastructure.

Our aim is campaign vigorously at all levels for all future developments to be properly resource, planned and delivered to improve Bicester for those who live in it.  Where necessary we will launch campaigns to communicate to our elected representatives our feelings.  As residents of Bicester, we need your support.  We need you to support these campaigns and for you to personally communicate your opinions with your councillors and MP.




Learn more about what is planned for Bicester and how it will effect you.  Then join our campaign.