The problems we face

If you have come to this website expecting a moan about the Bicester Village traffic, you are going to be disappointed.  Unfortunately the problems we face in the next 10 years are much more complex.  Oddly enough although Bicester Village traffic is part of the problem, it is actually a relatively small part of the problem and in some ways Value Retail are going to suffer as much as we the residents.


We do not want to scare you but Bicester, the town you know and love, possibly your birthplace, maybe your home and/or your workplace is under threat from congestion.  Probably never before has this formerly rural, quiet market town in the eastern wilds of Oxfordshire been under threat from so much and so fast expansion.


We have broken the problem down into manageable sections.  The culmination is the section called 'Bicester 2019' where we outline a realistic scenario of how Bicester could be in just four short years unless we act now to lobby our councillors.



As a minimum, please read through the following sections before you read the final one because they contain the details of the individual problems necessary to explain the big picture;

And then finally:

  • 'Bicester 2019' - a vision of a not very pleasant but near future.


Please let us know your thoughts and reactions.  Or email us directly.  Thank you!

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    Chris Bates (Wednesday, 15 April 2015 08:27)

    Welcome to developed Oxfordshire.

    Banbury is already experiencing your likely 2019 problem, in that no new roads have been built there for years, and the planners are still putting in Industry, shops & housing. Banbury seriously needs a by-pass/second southerly access to the M40, as well as other routes through & around the town

    I'm not hopeful for you, as Oxfordshire has not & will not properly plan their urban road network in advance of all this construction!

    Banbury residents won't be happy either if any budget found is spent on Bicester without it also coming to Banbury - unfortunately, Banbury are ahead of you in the Queue for funding.

    You need to persuade the Councils to require enough infrastructure funds from developers for these works - there is NO other funding being made available!

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    Colin Cockshaw (Friday, 07 August 2015 06:17)

    The highway problems you have identified are obviously major concerns for many Bicester residents, but you are obviously looking at Bicester from a Langford point of view. How often do you use Buckingham Rd to reach the town centre or the A41? How often do you travel to and fro the Sainsbury car park? The congestion along the main north-south route through town is already chronic for extended periods of the day and at times traffic queues build up in St John St and extend back to the queue in Field St/Queens Ave. Not to mention the problems for residents of Bucknell Rd and vicinity. The Council has no ideas for responding to this or the continued build-up of traffic from NW Bicester. And they don't seem to care either.