About US

The BicesterTAG Committee is formed solely by the residents of Bicester and the surrounding villages.  We are all volunteers, we receive no funding and none of us are members of any political party. 


Our group is diverse and truly representative of the people of Bicester and the villages.  Some members are retired others working, some live in town, some are not, some have been active in other campaigns and others not.  We are totally independent.  We have no political allegiances, if we think a politician of any colour is not serving the people of Bicester we will highlight it.


meet the team

sALLIE WRIGHT - co-chair

Sallie is a retired Civil Servant who moved from Didcot to Bicester in 1963 when the Army depot in Didcot closed.  She worked in the Depot's training department. Sallie has been married for 40 years and has a daughter of 39.  She was awarded the Imperial Service Medal by the Queen.

Patricia Brayshaw - SECRETARY

Patricia is a retired Civil Servant who formerly worked at MoD Computer Centre, Arncott, initially in Ops and then as a Contracts Officer.  Patricia is divorced, has three sons of whom one still lives in Bicester.  Patricia was also a volunteer with Bicester Oxfam shop for many years only ceasing when personal mobility insisted.

In addition, our group also includes some members with expert knowledge in legal, planning and media.

We're all about Bicester and the surrounding villages!

We are a 100% volunteer run organisation founded in January 2015.  Our origins can be traced back to a spontaneous protest that manifested as a Facebook group.  Initially, we believed that traffic congestion caused by Bicester Village shoppers was the greatest threat to our town but through research we soon realised that we the residents are at risk from far greater and strategic threat.  Our Committee is composed of those individuals who agreed to meet one cold January evening and felt so strongly and had such belief in their community that it was worth taking the campaign forward and holding those who should be responsible to account publicly to ensure that Bicester AND the surrounding villages remain a healthy and peaceful environment to live and work in.


If you are a local resident, if you feel how we feel having read the information we have presented on this website then please lend us your voice.  We need you to sign up to our email list so that you can join in our campaign.  One voice can be ignored, thousands must be listened to.  We feel that our cause is just and our concerns genuine.  More importantly we believe that what we have needs protecting.


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