London Road Crossing WILL Close 2019 - Confirmed by new Council Map - Councils and Councillors Knew All Along? [UPDATED]

16Sep15 - We have been asked on several occasions by Bicester Town Council with veiled threats of libel action that we remove this story from our website.  We do not think that the story is libelous because at no point did it ever claim that Councillors misinformed the public.  Also at the first possible opportunity the story was updated and clearly states that councillors were unaware.  Therefore we must, to satisfy our council who seem happy to sue local residents yet do not challenge proposals that could have terrible impact on the Town nor check material bearing their logo that they freely distribute, me must bring this information to your attention and ask you to read the entire story including the updates clearly highlighted in red.


Although we have suspected this for many months now, it was a shock to learn this weekend that London Road level crossing WILL close from 2019.

The map below was recently commission by Cherwell District Council and approved by Bicester Town Council.  It is freely available to members of the public so it is definitely not secret.  Look at the enlargement below for a closer view of London Road level crossing.

Proof Cherwell District Council knew that London Road crossing will close from 2019.
The new map commissioned by Cherwell District Council and approved by Bicester Town Council.

The image below clearly highlights that London Road level crossing will close from 2019 on this official Council approved map.  The only positive point is that Bicester Town Station is clearly denoted as Bicester Town Station, a minor a very consiliatory point given the massive disruption residents will face.

Proof that Bicester's level crossing at London Road will close from 2019 causing traffic chaos and isolating residents.
An enlargement of the level crossing itself.


In short disruption;

  • Bicester divided into a northern and southern 'blocs'
  • Additional traffic congestion throughout town, particularly Queens Avenue and Launton Road
  • Parents no longer able to walk their children to school
  • Disabled people facing arduous and unnecessary detours
  • Businesses with additional costs and time problems
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles having no southerly access to the town
  • Bus timetables being impossible, taxi fares increasing


REMEMBER: There will be no pedestrian access via Bicester Town Station either as the station's footbridge will be only accessible to holders of valid train tickets. 





In February 2015, BicesterTAG met with Cllrs Sibley, Stratford and Waine, Bicester's Oxfordshire County Councillors to discuss this matter.  We were told that London Road would not close.  We have asked our Bicester Town Councillors and none said that the crossing would close. 


Yet now we discover that Bicester Town Council and Cherwell District Council have approved this new map (despite it containing many other mistakes and inconsistencies).  So go figure.


UPDATE:  7th September: From speaking with several Councillors, it appears that they have not seen this map and of those who choose to reply to our email (Cllrs: Lynn Pratt, Jim French, Dan Sames, Melanie Magee and Nick Cotter, only 5 of 12) all have clearly stated that they were unaware of this map or any decision regarding London Road.  We have not received any communications from our Oxfordshire County Councillors Sibley, Stratford and Waine despite emailing them each twice.   We have also received an email from BTC's Chief Officer saying that the map is a mistake by the map maker and they do not know why the mistake was included.  More information on this later.



Email/write/call your councillors today.  Voice your opinion directly to them.  It is only by us all acting together can we share our outrage at the deplorable and undemocratic way our town is being managed.


HINT:  Most of the Bicester Town Councillors also sit on the other two councils, so despite Bicester Town Council having only slightly more power than a worn out AA battery because it is in effect a Parish Council, by contacting them you are saving yourself work.


AND REMEMBER TO JOIN OUR MAILING LIST.  It is only by acting as one co-ordinated body can we make our voices heard.  By joining our email list, we can keep you in touch with the latest news and should we organise a demonstration, we can keep you informed.  We promise strongly, not to abuse your trust and will only send you emails on the issues we campaign on and never disclose your details to any third party.


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  • #1

    Dan Sames (Sunday, 06 September 2015 08:32)

    Your piece contains a slight mistake itself as there is at the very least a cycle/ footbridge proposed as part of the Oxfordshire Growth Deal for London Road. At the same time options are still being explored for a solution for vehicles. Please can you try not to be so overly dramatic and negative all the time.

  • #2

    BicesterTAG (Sunday, 06 September 2015 08:45)

    Thank you for your comments Councillor Dan Sames. It is genuinely good to see one of our councillors willing to engage with the electorate. On the other points you raise;

    1. Thank you for pointing out our ommission. The footbridge installed already further down the line is generally regarded by the population of Bicester as an eyesore and difficult to use, particularly if you are a parent pushing a pram or a wheelchair user. Is this solution therefore appropriate? Are you representing your electorates needs adequately to the 'powers that be'.

    2. As for being in negative and sensationalist. Well, we are living in a vacuum of information. We have asked repeatedly and been denied information. What would you do in our position? Have a think about that one.

    3. Should we take it that you are not denying that you were aware of the proposals to close London Road and you have knowingly withheld this information from your electorate on Langford, the neighbourhood of Bicester likely to be affected the worst by these changes.

    As the old saying goes 'If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen'. You and your colleagues claim allowances from the public purse. If you are not willing to work for the interests of your electorate please do not be upset when your [collective] lack of intervention comes to light.

    Thank you, BicesterTraffic Action Group, on behalf of hundreds of people of Bicester and the surrounding villages.

  • #3

    Chris Mullineux (Sunday, 06 September 2015 11:06)

    The question really is why will it close. A lot of money has already been spent on upgrading the barriers, road surface etc. It is madness to close it unless it is part of a broader traffic management plan for the whole town. The idea of a footbridge is frigtening if it is going to be anything like the one from Launton Road - perhaps the ugliest railway bridge in the UK - unless anyone knows better. If it is closed, significant expenditure will be needed on the alternative routes to bring them up to a standard at which they can handle the extra traffic. And Oxfordshire CC are not exactly well known for spending money on improving roads!

  • #4

    Stephen Wynne-Jones (Sunday, 06 September 2015 11:20)

    You point out there are some mistakes on the map - is one of them that southbound traffic flows down North St from the Buckingham Rd/Banbury Rd roundabout OR is that another change that we can expect to see? Blocking off that route into the town centre was a catastrophic mistake by the planners and presumably was agreed by our councillors. Funnelling all southbound traffic down Field St is completely bonkers and directly contributes to congestion - having a second route to Pioneer Square would be much more sensible and would relieve that particular bottleneck - a quick win, should anyone be brave enough to admit they made a mistake.

    Come on councillors, do your jobs and represent the taxpayers!

  • #5

    Matthew Launchbury (Sunday, 06 September 2015 12:33)

    Even if this level crossing remained open the amount of trains using the line would have caused untold upheaval for residents and businesses in the surrounding area. BTC and CDC should never have agreed to such an idea. Bicester village has done a lot of good to the town, creating employment, but the shops in the town do not benefit from people shopping there. Obviously, this decision to close the level crossing has been approved and is unlikely to be overturned but both town and district councils must make sure pedestrians and cyclists can pass through the level crossing when it is safe to do so.

    Whilst having a rant, may I say that the new travel lodge and library being built where the car park use to be is also another bad move for the town. Parking is already an issue and will get worse for the town. This will also have a negative for shops and businesses in the town. The problem with BTC is that it is Tory run, with no opposition to keep them in check. A problem for Bicester and the country.

  • #6

    Mark (Monday, 07 September 2015 07:47)

    From where (and when) did this map come from? Surely it can't have been approved, as the road layout around Pioneer Square hasn't been updated. The only new change is regarding the new rail link.

  • #7

    Dan Sames (Monday, 07 September 2015 15:30)

    To answer your points.

    1. The footbridge at tubs crossing is not the bridge I was talking about. I know it does not look pretty but it was not the council that erected it or designed it. There is to be a new bridge as I understand it.

    2. Nobody is being denied information. You are receiving the same information that I am getting in that no decision has been made and solutions are being explored. As soon as there is a new answer to the question what is happening to the crossing everyone will be told.

    The post was sensationalist, it was posted before the facts were known which is that the map had nothing to do with either CDC or BTC. Was clarification sought before libellous comments were made about councillors knowing about a closure that has not been agreed!

    3. I said in my election literature that I would be working to secure a solution for the crossing which I have been doing. I have already raised it with the chief executive of the LEP and the leader of OCC? I therefore fail to see how I have withheld any information from my electorate.

    4. All I am asking is that correct information is put up for public consumption not inaccurate and misleading information which is what this amounts to.

    I'm perfectly happy to take the heat as you put it and to engage with anyone.

  • #8

    Sallie Wright (Monday, 14 September 2015 14:28)

    Councillor Sames - you say that no decisions have been made and solutions are being explored. Shouldn't you, as our elected representative, press for a solution/update as soon as possible? Of course we, the residents, are going to speculate as to what will happen with the crossing because we are getting no updates from the council. It is your job, on behalf of the residents, to put pressure to bear on those that do have the answers and relay that to us. Until that happens people will obviously speculate. You need to keep everyone updated as to what you are doing to bring about a resolution. The councillors seem to be content with sitting back and let things happen instead of challenging and bearing down on those who make these decisions

  • #9 (Wednesday, 16 September 2015 01:29)

    Dan Sames states that "options are still being explored for a solution for vehicles". Surely dealing with the inevitable traffic congestion affecting the whole of Bicester should have been a primary consideration, and factored into any scheme at the outset?